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Cavallo Natura

Horseback riding in the Tuscan Maremma between woods and beaches

Excursions for beginners and experts

Our horseback riding is one of several ways we want to offer you one or more days of complete relaxation along with our favourite animals.

Come with us, we will take you to visit the most beautiful places in Tuscany, in an exciting journey filled with history, sports and fun; for an hour or even more you can visit forests, clearings and beaches, in the company of two expert guides. Our excursions are designed for everyone: both for those who do not practice sports such as horseback riding, and for those who have already acquired some experience with horses.

Our horseback riding is divided into 3 distinct routes

  • Recommended clothing: long trousers, closed shoes.
  • The Centre provides compulsory riding helmets for everyone.
  • Request reservation by phone or by WhatsApp.
    Ph. +39 3289784018
  • Maximum weight 90kg.

1st Route

DURATION: 1 HOUR 45 minutes

  • Pineta del Tombolo, San Leopoldo canal and San Felice Oasis, short stretch on the back dune area (if possible).
  • An excursion at a calm pace, step by step.
  • Children from 14 years old.
  • Price of €50 per person.

2nd Private Excursion Route

tailor-made for couples to celebrate an event, for a special occasion, for a romantic gesture or just to give the gift of a unique experience to a loved one.


  • Excursion in the Pineta del Tombolo, San Leopoldo Canal, back dune area, dunes and beach.
  • The excursion can take place at three gaits.
  • The couple is accompanied by an instructor-guide.
  • Price of €75 per person.

3rd Horseback riding for the whole Family

They are unique trails designed exclusively to allow you to visit the coastal pine forest of the Maremma region parents together with their children, even young ones, followed personally and in complete safety by qualified instructors.



  • The excursion will take place strictly at a walking pace for parents and children in the Pineta del Tombolo.
  • The children will ride ponies and will be held by the instructors.
  • Children: from 8/9 years old.
  • Adult price €30.00.
  • Child price €25.00.

Riding School – Basic Riding

We offer basic riding lessons aimed at learning the basic elements of riding, as well as moving in an appropriate way in relation to the horse, to other riders and while riding in general.

The Centre has 10 horses available for approaching and riding

Our riding stable has many animals with different characteristics, 10 of which are specially trained for learning to approach horses as a beginner, including for children and teenagers who are having their first experience of horses.

Pony school in Grosseto – Maremma Toscana

10 ponies for play and for teaching horse riding to children

Our horse riding centre has 10 ponies for play and for teaching horse riding to children.

  • pony ride conducted by hand by an instructor, the ride will be for 20 minutes.
  • pony lessons with an instructor lasting 30 minutes on flat ground or with obstacles.
  • pony lesson with an instructor lasting 50 minutes on flat ground or with obstacles.

Our pony school is in fact designed especially for children: whether your child wants to learn to ride, or prefers to play with the ponies, 10 ponies are available for rides with an instructor or for riding lessons on flat ground and with obstacles. If on the other hand you prefer to dedicate your free time to relaxation, Cavallonatura is the riding club for you: our recreational activities consist of the perfect mix between love for nature and for sport; consult the activities page, we will tell you more about our walks on the beach or horseback trekking through the Tuscan woods and countryside.

30 min Lesson €20.00
1 hour Lesson €25.00

Link: https://cavallonatura.it/

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