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The campsite Cieloverde maintained over time and the commitment to safeguarding and respecting the environment, in the years 2005 and 2006 has the following certifications: UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI EN ISO 9001, adhering to the European Regulation CE n. 1221 / 2009 (EMAS III)
All this is the result of the Camping Village Cieloverde make ever more open and transparent management of its business and improve its business processes in relation to the environment.

Quality Policy: Marinella S.p.A, owner of Camping Village Cieloverde, is aware of the importance and impact of its activities on the final services offered to the client. For this reason Marinella S.p.A.’s dedication in threefold. We aim continually to satisfy the requirements explicitly requested by the customer and the implicit need for the full use of the services.
We aim to pursue continuous improvement of its Quality Management System and that all personnel and the Company acting on behalf of Marinella S.p.A is continuously trained and informed and aware about the impact of its activities on the quality of the service.
Sure that such commitments can be guaranteed, after a critical analysis of the basic elements aimed at the betterment of the Quality Management System, Marinella S.p.a. has identified the following priorities :

– Expansion of client services
– Improvement of infrastructure management
– Effectiveness of work planning

The management is personally engaged in compliance and implementation of these principles and therefore commits itself to verify systematically that the Quality Policy is supported by functional heads and really put in place.
Environmental Policy: Policies and programs for the protection of the territory are established at a regional and local level. They are applicable to all the productive world in defining a plan for sustainable development.
Marinella S.p.a. is fully aware of the impact of its productive processes and wants to contribute in insuring an improvement of the environmental quality of the territory. We firmly believe that the environmental compatibility of the activities carried out by the company are a key aspect for the improvement of the customer’s well-being and for the coexistence with bordering nature oasis.
For this reason Marinella S.p.a. pledges to:

– fulfill environmental legislation, all regulations and other requirements applicable to its activities and subscribed to the additional requirements that apply to its environmental aspects;

– prevent or reduce pollution caused by its activities, and in particular the discharge of wastewater, use of chemicals and the generation of waste through the use of best available technologies, economically sustainable for the Company ;

– encourage the rational use of water and energy resources through a clear awareness of the customer, supplier operating within the company and all company personnel;

– guarantee an efficient monitoring system of the most significant environmental aspects tied to services provided to the customer;

– Continuous improvement of its environmental results by establishing measurable and comparable objectives and targets and environmental indicators;

– create channels of communication towards in-house and out-house staff, public , community, supervising body and public authority to activate direct and clear relations allowing us to gather comments and suggestions;

– educate and train in-house and out-house staff to respect environmental legislation and internal procedures, especially concerning managements of chemicals, waste disposals and recycling, sensitize staff, customers
and suppliers on all environmental aspects and keeping them involved to achieve the proposed targets;

– put structural and management tools in place to prevent environmental accidents and to ensure a timely and effective response if these should occur, with particular attention to spillage of fuel or flammable substances;

– The Management is personally involved in respecting and implementing these principles: it therefore makes sure by verifying systematically that the Environmental Policy is documented, operative, kept active, shared
with all staff and suppliers and made available to the public;

Training activities about environmental issues, are particularly important in relation to the commitment of the company in regards of pollution prevention and due to the continuously evolving environmental legislation.
The training plan stemmed from the activities that were chosen to join EMAS on a voluntary basis after a careful nalysis of the necessary competencies. It focuses on certain aspects in particular:

– increasing the staff’s awareness about the role that each one has in better running of Eco-Management and Audit System;

– knowledge of the Eco-Management and Audit System procedures and t understanding the potential consequences of a deviation from the expected ways of operation;

– national and local environmental regulations, health and safety at work;

– daily checks on the activities that have a significant environmental impact;

– knowledge of methods and techniques of environmental control;

-increasing the awareness of suppliers about the significant environmental impacts related to their activity;

-increasing the awareness of costumers about the significant environmental impacts associated with the use of the camping services;

– increasing the awareness of customers about the significant environmental impacts associated with their stay in Camp.


The marked improvement registered has been achieved thanks to many elements. More efficient communication with the costumer about the correct disposal of waste (through brochures and posters available in the areas of injection), clearer identification of garbage bins and their content, the training of internal staff and improvement of facilities and means.


The head of Environmental Quality Management, Mr. Loredano Tocci, is at your disposal for any information regarding: recycling, environmental issues, descriptions of internal processes, any inconvenience or disruption you may have encountered during your stay at Cieloverde.

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